Micronized zeolite is very effective antioxidant and is used for treatment of various medical conditions related to oxidative stress in organism. Micronized zeolite is particularly efficient inneutralisation of free radicals in the organism. Various medical studies have been made to study positive effects of micronized zeolite on cancer diseases. Reduction of amount of free-radicals in the tissues also proved to be most beneficial for medical conditions

Commonly treated medical conditions are arthritis, psoriasis, periodontosis, diabetes mellitus, allergies, wounds and burns. It also improves overall health and has shown additional benefits like improvement of circulatory system, blood count levels, function of digestive system, kidney function, endocrine glands function, increasing endurance etc.

Geometrical structure of zeolite also makes it a very good carrier of various pharmaceuticals allowing for their easier passage through acidic surrounding in stomach and their gradual release in the colon. In that way effectiveness of various chemical compounds is increased.